Key Insights

Chinese Media Recommendations

411,470 people in Vancouver alone report Chinese (Mainland / Cantonese) as their mother tongue. One in three new immigrants to Metro Vancouver is from China, Hong Kong or Taiwan. When considering advertizing to Chinese home shoppers it’s important to know the best options for TV, radio, print and digital.


Two TV stations dominate the Chinese audience with three channels:

    1. Rogers’ Omni Television makes ethnic content and newscasts available to all Canadians.
    2. Fairchild


Two radio stations share the Chinese audience:

  1. Fairchild’s AM1470 (CJVB) and FM96.1 (CHKG) together reach 87% of Chinese radio listeners in Vancouver weekly.
  2. Mainstream Broadcasting Corporation’s AM1320.


  1. Yellow Pages’ New Home & Condo Guide is printed in two copies, English and Chinese.
  2. The Ming Pao Property Gold Pages
  3. The Sing Tao Daily
  4. The Ming Pao Daily News


When it comes to digital marketing, there five big players and other insignificant options. It’s inefficient to spread your marketing efforts among many sites with few viewers so we focus on the ones with the most users:

  1. Wechat WeChat is the largest platform used by the Chinese community on a daily basis to get information, share stories, and use as a chat messenger.
  2. Lahoo is a digital media network focused on “landed permanent residents and potential immigrants from China who seek to learn and live a quality and happy life in Canada.” It offers 4 media types:
    1. 70,000 WeChat users follow Lahoo. Of Lahoo’s four channels, we recommend this one the most. Lahoo’s advertorial allows subscribers of lahoobignews and lahoovancouver to daily news and advertise information about lifestyle and real estate in Vancouver.
    2. News & comprehensive info on lifestyle with 8 subchannels: Life, Fashion, real estate, entertainment, finance, arts law and people. It has 40,000 independent users and 500K page views/day.
    3. App: 40K followers
    4. 50,201 Weibo users follow the Lahoo Micro-blog.
  3. Facebook Online Ads
    1. We can create targeted ads on Facebook to reach Chinese buyers and realtors locally. When you run a Facebook Ad, you choose the audiences that see it by location, age, interests and more.

Real Estate Websites  

  1. Westca is the largest multimedia Chinese portal in Western Canada, consisting of mostly banner ads, boasting over 80K registered users, 250K unique visitors/month and more than 42M page views/month.
  2. BC Bay boasts 50K unique visitors/month. It is a local Chinese portal that provides news, community activities, forums and so on with a focus in Greater Vancouver.
  3. VanPeople boasts 12K unique visitors/month. This Chinese website is intended to provide the new and old immigrants and international students a free exchange platform.

~ Cam Good & May Teng