Key Insights

Good Signage Is Your Best Advertising

The best advertising is good signage and PC location.

At Union, our project in West Coquitlam, we were dealing with a small marketing budget. We needed to figure out a way to maximize our advertising spend, so we could compete with several larger developments launching in the area.

We contemplated having the Presentation Centre on-site (not pay rent), but then we would have to move or close the PC to start construction. On-site signage offered good exposure along Austin Ave (a fairly busy street); however, the majority of traffic was along North Road. The Key realized the importance of a highly visible Presentation Centre, so we recommended to the Developer that we extract money from media spending and apply the funds towards rent of a great PC location. We were able to lease an empty lot along North Road, which happened to be adjacent to the site. The location offered visibility to the actual site, as well as, the major area amenities (i.e. Lougheed Town Centre Mall and SkyTrain Station). The expectation was the project would receive more interest and traffic through a visible PC; rather than, spending marketing budget dollars on advertising and Direct Mailers. The signage also allowed us to leverage our competitors advertising to our advantage. All traffic that visited our competitors projects passed by our signage….the majority of those people actually stopped in at our Presentation Centre. The end result was that our Presentation Centre has the same amount of traffic as our competitors, yet we spend significantly less on advertising.

The idea of LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION definitely applies to Presentation Centre as well.