Key Insights

Resuscitating the Resort Industry

Boucherie Beach was the first Okanagan project of any type to successfully pre-sell and reach construction financing since 2007. It was also the first resort project in BC to accomplish the same.

How was this accomplished?

Well, as with all successful projects, there were many things done right. In this case however, product design has to stand out.

I was first introduced to the project in 2007 by the same developers, with different financial backers. In 2007 they had hundreds of condos planned for the same site. I saw the market turning and shared my feelings about absorptions and risk. This sent developers and investors into an uproar, literally leaving the boardroom, and the project was shelved.

Years later it was the opinion of the developer that my honest forecast had saved them a million dollars and they offered us the second iteration of the project a few years later.

This time they nailed it.

It was a beautiful horseshoe layout of cottages facing the water. An homage to the old cottages that had been on the site for 50 years. The style, finishing, everything, was perfect.

Well done.

~ Cam Good