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The Signage Value of PC Location

Presentation centres (PC’s) are a big part of any condo marketing campaign. They’re so expensive! Some Developers spend up to $9M on a PC with the intent of tearing it down in nine months! Never under estimate the signage power of your PC as your main form of project advertising.

Mid rise buildings come with smaller budgets. Shine, for example. We contemplated having the Presentation Centre on-site (to save rent) and put marketing dollars towards advertising. The challenge with going on site was the site was located  at Scotia and 6th Ave, a block off of Main Street and away from traffic. A good thing for future homeowners but not for exposure of the PC to drive by or walk by traffic.

We considered how much rent we would save, what advertising we would buy, what quantity and quality of foot traffic that would generate and compared that to the quality and quantity of foot traffic that could be generated by having a PC in a prime location.

It comes down to what we call the signage value of a PC.

When considering different PC locations, many developers forget to consider the relative signage value of the different locations. Literally, what is the signage and exposure worth? The Pattison Sign Group can figure out what a big sign at any location is worth (and it’s a lot) so why don’t we?

This was part of our analysis that lead to going off-site to a great PC location on the corner of Main St and 6th Avenue. Rent was high, but the space required little improvement. And it performed extremely well. So much better than the same money spent on ads.

Don’t forget to calculate the signage value of a PC when choosing your PC location.

~ Cam Good