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How to Have a Successful REALTOR® Event

I’ve been to many Realtor events over the years and for some reason a lot of them are poorly attended and boring. Realtors® play a major part in pre-sale success, so it is crucial to launch a project with the support of local Realtors.

  1. Have an up-to-date realtor database. Realtors change brokerages and new people are constantly joining the Realtor community. Make sure you have an up-to-date realtor database. We work with a database of over 20,000 Realtors of which 60% sell in the Greater Vancouver Area.
  2. Hire and train a friendly call centre team.
  3. Make it incredibly easy for Realtors to register. But make sure they register. Realtors are busy and are constantly bombarded with phone calls and emails. That’s why it’s very important to make it incredibly easy for them to confirm their attendance. Make sure you have a clear call to action like a landing page or quick form for them to fill out to register. To increase conversions include a mobile version to allow them to register on their smartphones.
  1. Provide good food and prizes. There’s a saying in the real estate industry; “Realtors may go broke but they’ll never go hungry”. Realtors expect food, and having the event during lunch time will typically draw a larger crowd adding excitement to the project. It’s the sales team’s job to identify and work with the best qualified leads in the room.
  2. Provide realtor packages with project info, Realtor bonuses and floor plans. Make the Realtors job easy by providing a package with project information, commission structures and floor plans for their clients. The package should be a resource to help the realtor sell the project to their clients.
  3. Capture all the Realtor cards at the door.  
  4. Keep the event short and on time. 1 hour max. Be respectful of Realtors’ time and don’t let your event run for longer than 1 hour. Typically you’ll want to provide 45 minutes for Realtors to socialize, ask questions about the project and interact with sales team. At the 45 minute mark, special announcements highlighting all of the key selling points of the project should be made. And then give away prizes.
  1. Follow up and track intent to purchase. We typically have our sales people call and follow up with their most valuable leads and have an administrator call and follow up with all of the other Realtors to gauge their interest.