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Key Insights

Which Floor Plan to Use as a Showhome?

Whereas it’s important to show prospective buyers accurate finishes, we’ve found some flexibility with actual floor plans is well received by prospective buyers. It’s more about the design of the showhome experience versus the actual plan.

Every building has multiple plans. Who’s to say you have to choose one specific plan to use as a showhome? Imagine a high rise project with 20 different floor plans. When choosing do display one of them, you’ve created a great experience for 5% of your buyers that will see and buy that plan. Could it have been a better experience for the other buyers to show a plan that was more an average of all the plans but none specifically?

In several of our projects we displayed a floor plan that did not represent any of the particular plans in the building. Our approach is to have a showhome that works really well for the space we had available in the Presentation Centre. In some cases an existing floor plan works well within the PC space, but in many circumstances we need to make tweaks to the plan to ensure the overall Presentation Centre experience is amazing. We always try to replicate a kitchen and bathroom from one of the plans, but we offer some flexibility in the general layouts of the living room and bedrooms. Under these circumstances we always offer full disclosure with prospective buyers.

The most important result you want to achieve from a showhome is for the prospective buyer to leave the feeling really good about the space. Our focus on the buyer experience in our Presentation Centre is crucial to our track record of delivering an amazing sales result.

~ Cam Good