Key Insights

Planning Your Next Awesome REALTOR Event

Key takes planning realtor events seriously. Your best chance for success is staying organized and on top of all the details.

Event Planning

Key realtors with a track record of success are invited to attend events that gives realtors an overview of the project and introduces them to having access to project information and inventory allocation. Key will introduce the project and give the attendees facts regarding why the project is better than the rest.

Budget and plan for developer approval

Set up and utilization of the PC will be essential in launching a project.. Great care and attention will be paid to producing a tightly crafted project story.

Create a plan that includes:
  • Approximate number of realtors who will be attending
  • Event layout floorplan that shows were everything is going to go
  • Day of event timeline and staffing roles
  • Production cost of all marketing materials
  • Food and beverage catering menu and budget
  • Party Rentals Tables / Chairs order size and budget including transportation
  • Prize draw – don’t forget to add this into your budget
  • Photographer budget to capture important moments
  • KEY MARKETING Call Centre team, hours, message and budget
  • Extra staffing budget
  • Cleaner scheduling
Event Preparation
  • Information for Presenter – (Sales team to brainstorm the talking points, they know best what realtors want to know)
  • Event Agenda
  • Speech Talking Points and powerpoint slide
  • Prize Information
  • Staff scheduler including dress code, hours and roles
  • FAQ Questions For Prize Giveaway
  • Big reminder: Developer should approve ALL information given out to realtors prior to event.
The Big Day!

It’s all about event management! Follow your schedule, agenda and assign duties to your staff. To keep the day moving smoothly always remember to:

  • Make sure Tech, Lighting & Music is set up early
  • Aboards & balloons ready
  • Washroom cleaned and stocked up
  • Food and beverage set up or staged with caterer
  • Staff dresscode check
  • Staffing duties
  • Nametags prepped
  • Check-in ready for business cards of realtors
  • Promo & Handouts printed and prepared
  • Valet parking briefed
  • Follow through agenda
  • Great your guests with a big smile!
How to get Realtors to attend your event
  • Send out an email (E-Blast) invite and reminders a week for before the event
  • Email invites to be supported by phone calls from the Call Centre/Sales Team
  • Include any Incentives that encourage attendance: Prizes!? Optional cash/gift card. Make it fun!
What will the Realtors be taking home with them?

Advanced preview kit (A-Kit) or full brochure that contains information on location, views, developer story, unit layouts, amenities etc.

Realtor relationship building needs timely release of product information. In order for a Sales Specialist to deliver relevant service, first and foremost, they need draft plans to work with agents in identify client inventory demand and suite preferences. Agents need information to gather, educate and excite their clients. This can also be pushed out initially in email format as an A­kit.

The days following the event

Send a follow up email to all Realtors to thank the ones that came and tell the ones that didn’t come that they missed out on having early info about this amazing project!