measuring tape

Key Insights

The Measuring Tape. Use it Again and Again.

Most of us have heard the adage – “measure twice, cut once”.

Sage advice for a marketer when it comes to prepping the marketing materials required in a Presentation Centre. From built-in niches for touch screens to vinyl images for the walls, everything is dependent on exact measurements. In order to avoid costly reprints, rebuilds, and delays, ensure every single individual who plays a role building the Presentation Centre has done their due diligence with the measuring tape.

Imagine a hard-working construction crew, pushing to get the framing and drywall complete, builds a niche into a wall for a 50” touch screen monitor to sit. Working off the interior design plans, he builds it to the exact measurements provided in the drawings. But how many sets of measurements went into those plans? How many should have been taken?

Unfortunately, and all too often, the answer is not enough.  

Leave nothing to chance. Ensure the designer has been to site and confirmed their measurements in the plans are correct. Brief the construction crew on the purpose of the niche and have them double checked the measurements. Have your marketing manager double-check the television bevel width, the depth of the tv, and the required space needed for the mount. When all three know the purpose for the niche, the end look is clearly communicated to the group, and all the measurements have been triple checked, nasty surprises will be avoided.

The same goes for your sign, and graphics print and installation suppliers.

Have them visit the site.

Their expertise not only ensures everything will be produced correctly, their experience often identifies rouble spots or small solutions that help produce a final look that looks more polished and will leave visitors more impressed.

Remember, the measuring tape is your friend.