Key Insights

Sales Training. Plant Now, Harvest Later.

Every real estate project we, at the Key take, on is unique. Not just in the product being constructed, but in the neighbourhood it inhabits and the people who ultimately live there. It often takes a great deal of planning by the developer and their consultants to get a project to market. This is an enormously complex undertaking involving thousands of details. Furthermore, when it eventually comes time for the customer to shop, you need to make sure your sales team is highly trained and can answer all the hard questions.

On every project, members of the Key sales team participate in a comprehensive Project Orientation Training program that includes an in-depth Project Sales Training Session and the provision of a comprehensive Project Sales Binder.

The Project Sales Binder

The binder briefs sales staff on the entire development. This includes neighbourhood highlights like transportation and schools, and building details from ceiling heights to the amount of btu produced by the fireplace. Our goal is to collect as many details as possible throughout the planning of the project, and present them in a way that our salespeople can use on the sales floor. Not just to educate the consumer, but most of all, to incorporate knowledge that elevates the perception of the project during their sales interaction.

The Key Project Sales Binder is broken into 3 categories:
  1. Community summary
    • location, city statistics, infrastructure, transportation options
    • parks, schools, shopping, services, entertainment, community gathering spots
    • future zoning
  2. Project summary
    • address, area, lot lines,
    • team story
    • project details: parking, storage, amenities, common areas, strata details
    • interior details: suite specs, floor plans, features sheet, appliance details, lighting plans, security, and cabinet details
    • amenities details: concierge, gym, pool, roof deck, lounge, security
  3. Sales Specifics
    • pricing
    • realtor program
    • purchaser program
    • upgrade details
    • disclosure highlights
    • sales office procedures
    • marketing materials and marketing schedule

The Project Training Session

Equally important to the project ‘bible’ is the Project Training Session. This is where we introduce the project to the sales team. We walk through the binder as a team to review every detail, answer questions and add any insights that may have been missed. This is usually a half-day affair involving our entire sales and marketing team, the developer and, at times, consultants like Interior Designer and Architect.

Armed with a great supply of information is a step in ensuring you have great sales. A well planned, well-organized, comprehensive project binder is a must.