Key Insights

Relaunch Checklist

Our projects quite often go through a stage where there is huge sales success at the launch, the developer has hit pre-sales requirements and now there’s  just a few home remaining to sell. At this stage the developer might decide to halt marketing efforts and sell the remaining homes closer to completion.

Then comes the time to re-start marketing efforts and relaunch sales efforts.  It’s nice to approach the relaunch of sales and marketing efforts like a good spring cleaning. Quite often all the elements you will need are developed and in place, they just need a bit of attention, dusting off and organization. Again, we like to go back to the checklist, roll up our sleeves and get busy.

Marketing / Sales Material Re-Launch Checklist

Legal Documentation

  • Full Disclosure Statement – print copies
  • Purchase & Sales Agreement
  • Addenda

Pricing & Promotion

  • Get remaining inventory prices approved
  • Deposit Structure – confirm with developer if a reduced deposit structure can be offered due to short completion time
  • Realtor incentives – since it’s close to completion, the developer might want to offer standard resale commission rates
  • Buyer incentives


  • Confirm all remaining inventory units
  • Confirm parking for remaining units
  • Confirm storage for remaining units

Marketing Materials

  • Use existing brochures if available
  • Use existing features sheets – might need to reprint
  • Use existing floor plans – might need to reprint
  • Signage Update – # home remains. Move in this _____.
  • Signage on building
  • Reuse A-Boards – use for hardhat tours and rooftop Realtor event
  • Web Update – # home remains. Move in this _____. Book private viewings. Show only remaining floor plans on website.
  • Business Cards – might need to reprint
  • 2 Updated half size sets of architectural drawings
  • Model + Table
  • Colour Boards

Marketing Initiatives

  1. Review and re-contact with the project and Key Realtor database
  • Email and call the project database with private, final release message.
  • Create a call centre and reach out to the existing database and Key realtor database
2. Private Hard Hat Tour
  • Find a private area at the construction site for the building model, colour boards, architectural drawings, filing cabinet for legal documents, deal writing table and chairs.
  • Schedule appointment on-site during regular business hours 9am – 5pm. Sales team to coordinate with Construction Site Supervisor.
  • Consider the sales story / pathing strategy: ie. Start off the private one-on-one building and unit tours at the model and colour boards. Hand out the brochure and floor plans. Walk the building, showcase the amenities and finish tour at the available home.
3. Large Scale Realtor Event (~100+ Realtors)
  • Event will be on-site at the PH level to showcase the views
  • Directional A-Boards are placed around the building
  • Event person greets Realtors and guides them to construction lift
  • Tradesperson to operate lift and control traffic to event floor
  • Socialize/lunch/coffee on PH level (heaters if needed)
  • Speeches & Prize Draw
  • Tradesperson to operate lift and control traffic back down
  • Event person to guide Realtors from construction site

Post on MLS

  • List a cross-section of available units
  • As listing are sold be sure to post sale on MLS. This generates awareness and a success story for the project.