Key Insights

Changing Lighting Needs with the Seasons

As the end of summer nears it brings with it the inevitability of shorter days and, eventually, the rain clouds of fall and winter. As many in the lower mainland know, our fall and winters can be excessively bleak, and we often find ourselves going to and returning from work in the dark. This is an important consideration when choosing the type of signage for a site or a presentation centre that will be active and open during the fall and winter. Lighting is paramount.

When showcasing a project’s brand, we believe that good signage is one of the great marketing tools at our disposal, yet we are still flummoxed by how often we see poor execution and missed opportunity on real estate sites around the Lower Mainland. The lack of properly designed and well-lit lighting is an opportunity missed that, unfortunately, we see all too often. It’s understandable that at times local zoning bylaws may prohibit the use of lighting, but we suspect that far too often the added design and installation costs for quality lit signage is viewed as an unnecessary expenditure. We like to get creative. New lighting options are rapidly being introduced to market (think the recent proliferation of led Christmas lights), and there is often something to fit every budget.

Maximizing your signage and presentation centre location is key, and good lighting provides not just increased visibility, but an intrinsic sense of security. When it is dark, lighting put’s people at ease, it draws them in and welcomes them. Even if your PC is closed, a nicely lit store front or a tastefully glowing sign is communicating to the passer-by. Get noticed.