Tim Barnard installation @ the Key offices


The purpose of Key and everyone that works here is goal attainment.

We help each other achieve our goals both personally and professionally. This unifies and aligns our team.

So now we have a team of people united behind a clear purpose of goal attainment and that leads us to the best part…

We just happen to be in the business of goal attainment.

Our clients’ goals are everything to us. We work with developers to make goals clear, measurable, attainable and challenging. Developers love having a purpose driven team of goal-oriented high performers passionately focused on attaining their goals.


We live and talk about our
values every single day at Key.

There are only three. And only three words. And the longest word is three letters. Tough to forget.


We constantly focus on how we do things… on finding a better way… on kaizen. We’re constantly improving and when we find a new best practice, we celebrate it and share it for the benefit of others. This keeps us constantly on the cutting edge and there is nowhere else we would like to be.


Our life experience has led us to believe we can accomplish more as a team than we can on our own. Everybody supports everybody here; all the time. It’s a great feeling.


We love to wow. We work hard to wow each other, clients, REALTORS®, buyers and our industry. If you love to be wowed, you will love working with us.


Following are developers of homes we have had the privilege of marketing and/or selling: